Test your knowledge by answering questions related to technology that has started a long ago. High Tech history quiz covers some of the important questions about 'technology that has been started in mid 20th century.

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(1) Which form of digital communication was first used in 1971?

  • A. Email
  • B. Text Message
  • C. Emoji
  • D. Numbers
(a) Email
Description- Ray Tomlinson showcased an initial iteration of email functionality on the ARPANET networking platform.

(2) How was the Altair 8800, the first retail personal home computer, sold?

  • A. At conventions
  • B. It never made it to market
  • C. Mail order
  • D. Online commerce
(c) Mail order

(3) What does the acronym DOS stand for?

  • A. Dark operating system
  • B. Disk operating system
  • C. Digital operating system
  • D. Direct operating system
(b) Disk operating system

(4) What was Pascal’s Calculator?

  • A. A legendary algorithm
  • B. An early mobile phone
  • C. An adding machine
  • D. A portable screen
(c) An adding machine

(5) How much did the 1940s supercomputer ENIAC weigh?

  • A. 17 tons
  • B. 7 tons
  • C. 27 tons
  • D. 5 tons
(c) 27 tons

(6) What is a yottabyte?

  • A. A computer virus
  • B. A data-storage measurement
  • C. A software error
  • D. A computer programme
(b) A data-storage measurement

(7) Which of these did Ada Lovelace publish?

  • A. First terms-of-service agreement
  • B. First user manual
  • C. First algorithm
  • D. None of the above
(c) First algorithm

(8) What was the first computer mouse made from?

  • A. Terra cotta
  • B. Metal
  • C. Plastic
  • D. Wood
(d) Wood

(9) What does the programming mnemonic HCF stand for?

  • A. Highly compressed file
  • B. Help code folder
  • C. Halt and catch fire
  • D. None of the above
(c) Halt and catch fire

(10) When it was released in 1981, what was unique about the computer called Osborne 1?

  • A. It was portable
  • B. It had a keyboard
  • C. It could store a yottabyte
  • D. It was a computer software
(a) It was portable