Computer Fundamentals cover a wide range of topics related to computers, including hardware, software, operating systems, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, understanding these basics is essential.

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(1) The following device allows the user to add external components to a computer system?

  • A. Storage devices
  • B. Keyboards
  • C. Ports/ system boards
  • D. Diskettes
(c) Ports/ system boards

(2) Software that manages data in more than one file at a time and these files are treated as tables with rows and columns rather than as lists of records is?

  • A. Relational Data Base Management Package
  • B. Data Base Management Package
  • C. Documentation Package
  • D. None of these
(a) Relational Data Base Management Package

(3) A program that remains in the memory while other programs are executing?

  • A. Resident Program
  • B. Non-Resident Program
  • C. Permanent Program
  • D. None of these
(a) Resident Program

(4) The total time elapsed between submission of command and data to a computer and getting the result of computation is the?

  • A. Access time
  • B. Response time
  • C. Entrance time
  • D. None of these
(b) Response time

(5) An automatic machine that is made to perform routine human tasks is?

  • A. Computer
  • B. Robot
  • C. Tanker
  • D. None of these
(b) Robot

(6) The time required to complete a single, continuous execution of an object program is called?

  • A. Run time
  • B. Access time
  • C. Random time
  • D. Response time
(a) Run time

(7) Computer network is a?

  • A. A distributed data processing system
  • B. Multiple computers are linked together for the purpose of data communication and resource sharing
  • C. Both A & B are false
  • D. Both A & B are true
(d) Both A & B are true

(8) A process of collecting, organizing, storing and otherwise maintaining a complete historical record of programs and other documents used or prepared during the different phases of the system is called?

  • A. Documentation
  • B. Document reader
  • C. Data process
  • D. None of these
(a) Documentation

(9) What are connector symbol??

  • A. They are used in a flowchart
  • B. It represents a junction in a flow line
  • C. Often used to transfer flow between different pages of a lengthy chart
  • D. All the above
(d) All the above

(10) Console is?

  • A. A device that enables human operators to communicate with the computer
  • B. A device that enables human operators not to communicate with the computer
  • C. Communication between computers
  • D. None of these
(a) A device that enables human operators to communicate with the computer