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(1) In which US state is Arches National Park??

  • A. Utah
  • B. Alabama
  • C. Texas
  • D. Peru
(a) Utah
Description- Utah's landscapes range from arid deserts with sweeping dunes to flourishing pine forests nestled in mountain valleys.

(2) What is the tallest arch in Arches National Park called??

  • A. Delicate Arch
  • B. Turret Arch
  • C. Double Arch
  • D. None of the above
(c) Double Arch
Description- Double Arch- Height of 34m and length of 43m. Classified as a pothole arch. Shaped by water erosion from above rather than from the side (which is more common).

(3) In which state is Brahmani Natural Arch??

  • A. Sikkim
  • B. Odisha
  • C. West Bengal
  • D. Tamilnadu
(b) Odisha
Description- In 2017, the Brahmani Natural Arch was uncovered by the team of senior geologist Saptarishi Mallick from the Geological Survey of India, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
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