May, 2024 Current affairs quiz
Page Number- 2

(1) Who has become the vice chief of Indian Navy??

  • A. Nalin Negi
  • B. Krishna Swaminathan
  • C. Sarvadananda Barnwal
  • D. Dinesh Kumar Tripathi

(2) India will train administrative officers of which country for the next 5 years??

  • A. Bangladesh
  • B. Bhutan
  • C. Nepal
  • D. Japan

(3) Which two states have celebrated their foundation day on 1st May 2024??

  • A. Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
  • B. Chattisgarh and Rajasthan
  • C. Gujarat and Maharastra
  • D. Assam and Meghalaya

(4) Where will the BWF World Junior Badminton Championships 2025 be held? ?

  • A. Lucknow
  • B. New Delhi
  • C. Guwahati
  • D. Mumbai

(5) Ishaan initiative has recently been launched by??

  • A. Airports Authority of India
  • B. Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • C. Reserve Bank of India
  • D. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

(6) Who has won the 16th edition of Tata Consultency Services World 10k Bengaluru in men's category??

  • A. Peter Mwanicki (Kenya)
  • B. Andamalak Belihu (Ithopia)
  • C. Zersenay Taddies (Eritrea)
  • D. Sebastian Save (Kenya)

(7) NHPC and who have signed an agreement for floating solar technology in India? ?

  • A. Petrobras
  • B. Modec
  • C. ExxonMobil
  • D. Ocean Sun

(8) What has become the new name of Fursatganj Railway Station in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh??

  • A. Joyce City
  • B. Guru Gorakhnathdham
  • C. Tapeshwarnath dham
  • D. Swami Paramhansa

(9) Recently, who assumed the charge of Director General of Akashvani News?

  • A. Maushumi Chakravarty
  • B. Avani Chaturvedi
  • C. Bhawana Kanth
  • D. Mitali Madhumita

(10) What is the theme for World Press Freedom Day 2024?

  • A. Press Freedom in the digital age
  • B. A press for the planet: journalism is the face of the environmental crisis
  • C. Protecting journalistic integrity
  • D. Global media ethics