March, 2024 Current affairs quiz
Page Number- 1

(1) On what date, World Meteorological Day is celebrated??

  • A. 22 March
  • B. 23 March
  • C. 24 March
  • D. 25 March

(2) Recently, who is elected as the State of Palestine / Prime minister??

  • A. Mohammad Mustafa
  • B. Mehmud Abbas
  • C. Faisal Javed
  • D. Petteri Orpo

(3) Recently, who has been appointed by the state of Ireland as its prime minister??

  • A. Mehmud Abbas
  • B. Simon Harris
  • C. Ahmad Awad Bin Mubarak
  • D. Nayib Bukele

(4) Recently, under whose chairmanship, a committee has been formed for the conservation of Great Indian Bustard??

  • A. Ranjan Gogoi
  • B. D.Y. Chandrachud
  • C. Ashok Labasa
  • D. None of the above

(5) Recently, where has the festival of 'Palm Sunday' been celebrated with traditional devotion and enthusiasm??

  • A. Assam
  • B. Meghalaya
  • C. Mizoram
  • D. Nagaland

(6) Which American state has recently enacted the law to protect musicians and artists from AI??

  • A. Texas
  • B. Tennessee
  • C. Florida
  • D. Nashville

(7) Which country has tightened student visa rules due to migration reaching a record high recently??

  • A. Australia
  • B. Russia
  • C. America
  • D. China

(8) Who has recently launched the NCRB compilation app??

  • A. Narendra Modi
  • B. Rajnath Singh
  • C. Amit Shah
  • D. Smriti Irani

(9) Recently, Foreign Minister 'S Jaishankar' has gone on an official visit to which country??

  • A. Bhutan
  • B. Singapore
  • C. Bangladesh
  • D. Nepal

(10) In which community, the historical 'Hola Mohalla Festival' started recently??

  • A. Hindu
  • B. Christian
  • C. Sikh
  • D. Buddhism