(1) Which country's parliament has passed a bill to send refugees to Rwanda? ?

  • A. America
  • B. Japan
  • C. Britain
  • D. Ukraine

(2) When is National Panchayati Raj Day celebrated? ?

  • A. 21 April
  • B. 22 April
  • C. 23 April
  • D. 24 April

(3) Which has become the world's largest mobile operator in terms of data traffic? ?

  • A. Reliance Jio
  • B. Airtel India
  • C. BSNL Mobile
  • D. Vodafone Idea limited

(4) Climate Strategy 2030 document has been launched by ?

  • B. SBI
  • C. RBI
  • D. PNB

(5) Who has launched the all-in-one payment device 'BharatPe One'?

  • A. Paytm
  • B. PhonePe
  • C. Flipkart
  • D. BharatPE

(6) Who has been awarded the Aryabhatta Award in the field of space science? ?

  • A. Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri
  • B. RAtan Tata
  • C. Aantika Bandanpu
  • D. Likesh Muni

(7) Who has been appointed as the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) in Cotton Corporation of India Limited? ?

  • A. Naima Khatun
  • B. Kaushik Rajasekhar
  • C. Nidhi S Jain
  • D. Santhosh Viswanathan

(8) Khongjom Day is celebrated in which state? ?

  • A. Meghalaya
  • B. Manipur
  • C. Tripura
  • D. Nagaland

(9) Who has become India's top female player in the ITTF Table Tennis World RAnkings? ?

  • A. Sreeja Akula
  • B. Manika Batra
  • C. Ayhika Mukherjee
  • D. Sutritha Mukherjee

(10) Where has India's largest climate clock been unveiled? ?

  • A. ISRO Headquarters
  • B. CSIR HQ
  • C. DRDO HQ
  • D. Vigyan Bhawan

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