(1) Who has become the Director General of National Security Guard (NSG)? ?

  • A. Nalin Prabhat
  • B. Dinesh Kumar Tripathi
  • C. Nalin Negi
  • D. Sushil Sharma

(2) When is National Civil Service Day celebrated? ?

  • A. 22 April
  • B. 23 April
  • C. 21 April
  • D. 24 April

(3) Laxman Tirtha River has dried up due to drought and scorching heat. It is a tributary of which river? ?

  • A. Sutlej
  • B. Ganga
  • C. Yamuna
  • D. Kaveri

(4) RBI approves Ajit Kumar K.K. who has been appointed as the MD of which bank? ?

  • A. Dhan Laxmi Bank
  • B. State Bank of India
  • C. Punjab National Bank
  • D. UCO Bank

(5) Which country has become the 39th country to join the Artemis Agreement? ?

  • A. Bangladesh
  • B. Slovenia
  • C. Sri Lanka
  • D. Vietnam

(6) Tutedhara or Agni Kelly festival is celebrated in which state? ?

  • A. Maharastra
  • B. Andra Pradesh
  • C. Tripura
  • D. Karnatka

(7) Llama 3 and real-time image generator have been unveiled by ?

  • A. Meta
  • B. Microsoft
  • C. Intel
  • D. Open eye

(8) Which company has become the third largest silver producing company globally? ?

  • A. Reliance Industries Limited
  • B. Hindustan Zinc
  • C. Tata Motors Limited
  • D. Bharat Petroleum

(9) Who has become the first wicketkeeper to score 5000 IPL runs? ?

  • A. Dinesh Karthik
  • B. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • C. Rishabh Pant
  • D. Robin Uthappa

(10) Surinder S. Jodhka and who has been selected for the Dr. Malcolm Adiseshia National Award 2024? ?

  • A. Utsa Patnaik
  • B. Gyan Chaturvedi
  • C. Mirabai Chanu
  • D. Vikas Kumar

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