(1) Which has become the first multinational car manufacturer to export EVs from India??

  • A. Electrotherm
  • B. Ather Energy
  • C. Citroen
  • D. Hero Electric

(2) What is India's rank in the World Cybercrime Index 2024? ?

  • A. Eight
  • B. Ten
  • C. Fifteen
  • D. Seven

(3) The 20th Asian Wrestling Championship 2024 is being organized in which country? ?

  • A. kyrgyzstan
  • B. Mongolia
  • C. Kazakhstan
  • D. Uzbekistan

(4) Who has become Britain's first female High commissioner to India? ?

  • A. Celeste Salo
  • B. Lindy Cameron
  • C. Manuel Roca Bote
  • D. Deanna Boluart

(5) WhSich country has invited peace talks to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict? ?

  • A. America
  • B. Britain
  • C. Switzerland
  • D. Poland

(6) Which has become the first government hospital in the country to have piezoelectric bone conduction hearing implant? ?

  • A. Command Hospital, Pune
  • B. Fortis Hospital, Mumbai
  • C. Medanta Hospital, Chennai
  • D. Apollo Hospital, Delhi

(7) What is the rank of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings 2024? ?

  • A. 49
  • B. 25
  • C. 34
  • D. 20

(8) Uttar Pradesh's first glass skywalk bridge has been installed in which district? ?

  • A. Lucknow
  • B. Chitrakoot
  • C. Pilibhit
  • D. Kanpur

(9) Murari Lal has Passed away. Who was he? ?

  • A. Economist
  • B. Actor
  • C. Film Director
  • D. Environmentalists

(10) Who has become the head of US- India Tax Forum? ?

  • A. Tarun Bajaj
  • B. Sushil Sharma
  • C. Srinivasa Pallia
  • D. Harendra Singh

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