Indian History

History of India

Ancient History of India

Sources of Ancient Indian History
Literary Sources
Archaeological Sources
Coin Types
Culture and Civilisation
The Stone Age: An Introduction
Indus Valley Civilisation
Vedic Culture (1500 BC-600 BC)
Later Vedic Period (1000 BC-600 BC)
Mahajanapada Period (600 BC-325 BC)
Magadha Empire
Haryanaka Dynasty (544 BC-412 BC)
Shishunaga Dynasty (413 BC-344 BC)
Nanda Dynasty (344 BC-323 BC)
Foreign Invasions
Religious Movements (600 BC-400 BC)
Maurya Period (322 BC-185 BC)
Post-Maurya/Pre-Gupta Period (185 BC-319 AD)
Kanva Dynasty (73 BC-28 BC)
Satavahana Dynasty (60 BC-225 AD)
The Cheti Dynasty of Kalinga
Foreign Successors of Mauryas
Gupta Period (319 AD-540 AD)
The Hunas (500 AD-530 AD)
Vakatakas (3rd Century AD-5th Century AD)
Post-Gupta Period/Vardhana Dynasty (550 AD-647 AD)
States of the Deccan and South India
Sangam Age
Religious Development

Medieval History of India

The Rajputs
Delhi Sultanate (1206 AD-1526 AD)
The Slave Dynasty (1206 AD-1290 AD)
The Khilji Dynasty (1290 AD-1320 AD)
The Tughlaq Dynasty (1320 AD-1414 AD)
The Sayyid Dynasty (1414 AD-1450 AD)
The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 AD-1526 AD)
Provincial Kingdoms
Vijayanagar and Other Kingdoms
Bahamani Kingdom
Religious Movements in the 15th-16th Centuries
Mughal Period (1526 AD-1540 AD and 1555 AD-1857 AD)
Later Mughals
Maratha State (1674 AD-1720 AD) and Maratha Confederate (1720 AD-1818 AD)
The Peshwas (1713 AD-1880 AD)
The Advent of Europeans.

Modern Indian History

Expansion of British Power
Anglo-Mysore Wars
Anglo-Burmese War
The Carnatic Wars
Anglo-Maratha Wars
Economic Impact of British Rule
Land Revenue Systems
Indian Renaissance
The Revolt of 1857 AD.

Indian National Movement

Freedom Struggle, Indian Independence Movement.
Indian National Movement
The Partition of Bengal (1905)

Boycott and Swadeshi Movement (1905 AD-1908 AD)
The Gandhian Era (1917 AD-1947 AD)
Main Events During the Gandhian Era

Important Foreign Travelers/Envoys
Governor-Generals and Viceroys
Governor-Generals of India
Governor Generals of Free India (1947 AD-1950 AD)


After Independence.

Who was the first king of India?

How old is India?

Who all ruled India?

How India was formed?

Indian History of India

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