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Hindi: सामान्य ज्ञान

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General Knowledge Question Answer about India and the World

Question 1: Who started the Saka Era which is still used by the Government of India?
(1) Kanishka
(2) Vikramaditya
(3) Samudra Gupta
(4) Asoka

Answer 1: (1) Kanishka : The Kushan ruler Kanishka initiated the Saka Era in 78 AD.

Question 2: How does the Constitution of India describe India as?
(1) A federation of States and Union Territories
(2) A Union of States
(3) Bharatvarsh
(4) A federated nation

Answer 2: (2) A Union of States : The Constitution declares India as a Union of States.

Question 3: The World Environment Day observed on
(1) 15th June
(2) 5th June
(3) 10th October
(4) 8th March

Answer 3: (2) 5th June : World Environment Day (‘WED’) is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness about Environmental issues.

Question 4:

Answer 4:

Question 5:

Answer 5:

What is General Knowledge?

General knowledge is the fact, information, skills, theoretical or practical understanding of a subject acquired by a person through experience or education over time.

Various fields are necessary to complete the definition of general knowledge:

History, Geography, General Science, General Mathematics, General Reasoning, Environment, Politics, Government, Law, Society, Economics, Business, Management, Computer, Technology, Sports, Culture, Famous People, Classical Music, Arts, Literature, Cooking, Medicine, Nutrition, Hygiene, Discovery and Exploration, Biology, Film, Fashion, Finance, Popular Music, Language Understanding, Communication Skills, General Awareness, Current Affairs, etc.

Why is General Knowledge Important?

Keeping up to date knowledge of general knowledge helps not only in examinations but at every aspect of life. General Knowledge is an important section of various competitive exams.
General Knowledge shows the average intellectual prudence of a person. Those who do well in general knowledge get higher marks in IQ tests.

Long Term Memory
Individuals with more long-term memory are always at the forefront of general knowledge.

People high in general knowledge are highly prepared for new experiences and specific intellectual engagement. Such people are more motivated to engage in intellectual activities that enhance their knowledge.

Academic Achievement
General knowledge tests are appropriate for assessing a person’s academic achievement

General knowledge does not reflect a person’s creativity. It is not necessary that a person scoring more in tests of general knowledge will be more creative.

General Studies GS vs GK

General Studies is more elaborate than General Knowledge. The systematic study of subjects of general knowledge is general study.

How to Study General Knowledge?

General knowledge keeps increasing with daily activities and experiences, but to get more marks in an examination, systematic study of general knowledge is necessary.

Some of the methods below are useful for increasing general knowledge:

Questions Answers Quiz Notes Facts Topics.

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