General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Indian Polity

Indian Polity Administrative and Legislative Reforms Before 1857 Administrative and Legislative Reforms After 1857 Constituent Assembly and Making of the Constitution Important Articles of the Constitution Schedules of the Indian Constitution Important Cases of the Constitution Some Special Features of the Indian Constitution Federal and Unitary Features of the Indian Union Lapse of Paramountcy Integration …

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Indian Economy

Indian Economy   Nature and Characteristics . Structure and Sectors Primary Sector Secondary Sector Tertiary Sector Agriculture . Manufacturing and Industry . Services . Infrastructure . Unemployment and Poverty . Economic Policy and Planning . Money Banking and Finance . Public Finance (Tax and Budget) . Foreign Trade and Investment .   Overview of Indian …

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Indian Geography

Geography of India The Indian Subcontinent . Physical Features . Himalayas . Hill Ranges of the Peninsula . The Coastal Plains . The Island Groups . Drainage system of India . Climate of India . Soils of India . Agriculture in India . Mineral Resources of India . National Highways . States of India . …

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Indian History

History of India Ancient History of India Sources of Ancient Indian History Literary Sources Archaeological Sources Coin Types Culture and Civilisation The Stone Age: An Introduction Indus Valley Civilisation Vedic Culture (1500 BC-600 BC) Later Vedic Period (1000 BC-600 BC) Mahajanapada Period (600 BC-325 BC) Magadha Empire Haryanaka Dynasty (544 BC-412 BC) Shishunaga Dynasty (413 …

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General Knowledge

General Knowledge GK 2020 General Knowledge Questions Answers GK Quiz GK Notes G K Facts G.K. Topics 1000+ General Knowledge 2020 – GK 2019. Hindi: सामान्य ज्ञान GK 2020 General Knowledge 2020 regularly updated for various upcoming exams to enhance general awareness so that you can tackle the questions asked from numerous areas. India GK …

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