General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Discoveries and Inventions

Discoveries and Inventions Discoverers and Inventors Scientist Discoveries and Inventions Discoverers and Inventors Archimedean Screw Archimedes Atom Neils Bohr Atomic Number Mosley Atomic Physics Enrico Fermi Atomic Structure Bohr and Rutherford Atomic Theory Dalton Automatic Gearbox Hermann Fottinger Adding Machine Pascal Aeroplane Wright brothers Air Brake George Westinghouse Air Pump Otto von Guericke Airship (rigid) …

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Famous Books and Authors

Famous Books and Authors Famous Books Authors Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Mark Twain Ain-i-Akbari Abul Fazal Alchemist, The Paulo Coelho Alice in the Wonderland Lewis Carroll General Knowledge

Games and Sports

Games and Sports Olympic Games Commonwealth Games ASIAN Games SAF Games Cricket Women’s Cricket World Cup ICC Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup ICC Twenty-20 Women’s Cricket World Cup Football Hockey Volleyball Table Tennis Basketball Badminton Lawn Tennis Sports Terms Cups and Trophies Associated With Sports General Knowledge  

Awards and Honours

Awards and Honours International Awards International Beauty Contest India’s International Awards National Awards Other National Awards Gallantry Awards Literary and Cultural Awards in India Science Awards Sports Awards General Knowledge

Indian Economic Survey

Indian Economic Survey Preface Shifting gears: Private Investment as the Key Driver of Growth, jobs, exports and demand Policy for Homo Sapiens, Not Homo Economicus: Leveraging the Behavioural Economics of “Nudge” Nourishing Dwarfs to Become Giants: Reorienting Policies for MSME Growth Data “Of the People, By the People, For the People” Ending Matsyanyaya: How to …

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N.C.E.R.T. Books

NCERT Books (PDF) Download for All CBSE Classes 1st to 12th of Indian School Education. NCERT GK and NCERT GS for UPSC SSC PCS Railway Bank Exams. NCERT Books and NCERT Textbooks are useful for preparation of CBSE State Board Exams Medical Engineering Entrance Exams. Hindi: एनसीईआरटी बुक्स NCERT Books NCERT Books for Class 12 …

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Indian Culture

Indian Culture Religion in India Indian Literature and Languages Literature of India Indian Architecture The Schools of Art Temple Architecture of India Cave Architecture of India Rajput Architecture Delhi Style of Architecture Provincial Style of Architecture Mughal Style of Architecture Post-Mughal Style of Architecture Colonial Architecture 116 Paintings of India Classical Dance of India List …

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